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I am about to make the best homemade 🍅 tomato sauce with fresh herbs from my friend Tanya who is an amazing veggie and herbs gardener 🍃 from: https://coastalurbangardens.com/

Thanks to Tanya’s tips and tricks from Coastal Urban Gardens I’ve had another successful home garden harvest here in Whistler!

One of the most satisfying things to do is to grow your own food. Looks like we have enough “tomatoes” as Tessa likes to call, for the next few months.
Thanks Coastal Urban Gardens for helping us designing and creating our first garden :-).

undefinedTanya is passionate, knowledgeable, and creative in her work. She looks for solutions in space constraints and the result is beautiful! I especially love that she uses native plants, and provides local seeds and seedlings. Thank you for helping me create the garden oasis of my dreams Tanya!

undefined Thank you Tanya for your amazing job! You are very creative, you love what you do and know what you are doing.
I recommend Coastal Urban Garden 100%. If you are looking for someone to help you build your own veggie garden, Tanya is your wisdom lady for that!
Thank you again!Like

Growing your own vegetables is for both mind and body.

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